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Aluminium casting

Perla AluCast specialises in aluminium casting since 1994. The process of casting an aluminium product involves pouring or injecting molten aluminium into a metal mould. With sand casting, a special type of sand is used. There are four different aluminium casting techniques and it is possible to use a variety of aluminium alloys. Although the mould ultimately determines the shape of the aluminium casting, our staff's expertise is a crucial factor as well.

The four different methods for aluminium casting

Perla AluCast uses four different casting methods:


High-pressure die casting

Production of large series with excellent quality and repeatability.


Gravity die casting

Production of small to medium-sized series of pressure-tight castings.


Sand casting

Production of small series of larger castings.


Low-pressure die casting

Production of small to medium-sized series of larger castings.

We take critical casting properties into account

We have various production sites in the Netherlands and abroad. When evaluating your product design or moulding die, our specialists account for the various casting properties that may affect the casting process. With our years of experience with casting aluminium, You can rest assured that your product will be produced in the correct manner and using the right casting method. 

Aluminium casting using different alloys to choose the right one

Perla AluCast uses various aluminium alloys for its castings. Given the specific properties of each casting alloy, it is important to choose the right alloy for your specific casting product. What are your wishes with regard to your casting product's strength, hardness, weldability or corrosion resistance? By choosing the right alloy, you can eliminate the need for costly finishing steps for your final product. We have all standard alloys in stock. At your request, we can also use any of the other alloys included in the overview table.

Aluminium casting - Aluminium gieten
Aluminium casting - Aluminium gieten - gietmatrijs en ontwikkeling in house

The aluminium is poured into the mould and then hardened

The moulding die is a hollow mould made of special steel or - for sand casting - a special type of sand. The liquid aluminium is poured into the mould and then solidified. The mould usually consists of two halves. Together, these form a negative of your product. The halves are pressed together and our experts then pour or inject (at high or low pressure) the liquid aluminium into the mould's opening.

We develop and produce our moulds in house

We produce the moulds we need in our own tool shop. Producing your mould in our own tool shops in India and China saves you extra costs and uncertainty. Mould development usually has a lead time of six to eight weeks, although this depends on the complexity and size of the casting.

Guaranteed accuracy of the finishing process

A product is not finished when a casting comes out of the mould. First, we will remove the runner-system, gating and overflows. The product is also carefully deburred. Achieving a perfect end product often requires several processing and/or surface finishing steps. Since Perla AluCast almost always produces larger series of products, we have an extensive range of CNC machines. As a result, we can guarantee the accuracy and repeatability of the finishing process we perform.

Surface treatments such as coating and nickel plating

In addition to low-cost aluminium casting, we also offer surface treatments such as coating, wet painting, technical anodising, nickel plating and various other treatments. We outsource these steps to specialised partners in our network. Depending on the complexity of the surface treatments, we will select a local or Dutch partner. The necessary finishing steps are performed immediately after the production of your casting product. Perla AluCast has a large and reliable network, so we can make the right choices together with you. Do you need any help with making your choice? Feel free to contact us.