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Aluminium alloys

We can produce your casting using a variety of alloys

Contrary to most aluminium foundries, we at Perla AluCast offer a range of aluminium alloys to choose from for your castings. Each alloy has a different chemical composition, which gives the material its specific properties.   Based on these properties, it is important to choose the right alloy for your casting. This ensures your end product has a long lifespan and meets your quality requirements.

Specific alloys alter the end product

By choosing specific alloys, you can alter the end product's strength, hardness, weldability and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, certain properties of an alloy will affect the casting process itself. Think of e.g. the fluidity of the material, as well as the price. For example, when you opt for precious metals, it is likely that only a small quantity will be used to keep the costs down.

Download an overview of available aluminium alloys

Aluminium alloys - Uw gietstuk gieten wij in verschillende legeringen

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